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10th October. World Mental Health Day. It absolutely blows me away the amount of articles, posts, status’ and pictures I see shared with the hashtag #worldmentalhealthday on this day and there seems to be more and more each year. Talking about our mental health is so important, and…

Access and Concessions

In order for access to become the norm, is it not unreasonable to expect that when access is provided, that we pay the full price?

Impersonal vs Personal Access

The people who work so hard to create an accessible environment have been doing this for years, they are rock stars and for them to be not mentioned does not allow the Deaf and Disabled communities to put a level of personal attachment to the events.


Who has heard of this campaign? The campaign is designed to highlight the lack of respect, communication or thought for the autonomy of Disabled people. There are many stories on Facebook, Twitter, the web and other platforms that Disabled people have put up about their independence being undermined by someone who thinks they’re helping or…