We’ve Got Each Other | Making Accessibility Fun

Paul, in partnership with Talking Birds Theatre Company and Wolverhampton Arena, is working hard to make all of the performances of We’ve Got Each Other in his 2019 tour accessible to D/deaf and B/blind audiences using Talking Birds’ revolutionary new access tool The Difference Engine. He aims to make these access provisions not only ‘functional’,…

Accessible Apps for the Deaf by Google.

“… two new apps for Android designed to help deaf and hard-of-hearing people: Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier.”


Sometimes what you see is a masquerade….

Inspirational Porn Star Me

Originally posted on noseywose:
Ever since humanity gained consciousness, we have always been fascinated by the unusual and strange. That also includes our fellow humans who might have something different about them. A good example circuses used to tour with their “Freak Shows”/”Human Marvels” where you would have someone might be extraordinarily tall, a woman…

Differently Abled…

I find myself uneasy with it. It implies if you’re not “able” you are different.