Communicating at 30%

As with all communication, make an effort to talk face to face, use facial expressions and exercise patience when not understood..

A personal message

Mental Health is not stupid, don’t let anyone diminish your thoughts or feelings.

Language Synaesthesia

Very little is known on the subject of Sign Language and Synaesthesia as the main focus has been on documenting/researching instances in Speech, Writing and Reading.

News: Urban Legends – Northern Lights

Elephant in The Room is proud to announce that Dan is working with Absolutely Cultured to make their Urban Legends: Northern Lights event accessible. Dan met up with them today to discuss various access that could be used from: BSL Interpreters, issues such as sensory overload, epilepsy seizures, wheelchair access, audio descriptive, Changing Places facilities, Mobiloo and more. Details will…


Originally posted on Kate's eye view.:
10th October. World Mental Health Day. It absolutely blows me away the amount of articles, posts, status’ and pictures I see shared with the hashtag #worldmentalhealthday on this day and there seems to be more and more each year. Talking about our mental health is so important, and…